Book Review: He Loves Lucy

He Loves Lucy - Susan Donovan

He Loves Lucy had an interesting premise which is why I picked it up. I can relate to the weight loss angle of the book and Lucy's determination. This one's an entertainer. I liked the milk duds loving Lucy whose sexual fantasies involve Lorna Doone cookies.

Lucy is funny, smart and sarcastic. While Theo's character was motivating and hot, I wish he had a bit more to offer when it came to romance. He seemed to be rather wishy-washy until the last minute. The side characters on this one weren't that strong (except the therapist, maybe). 

The best part about this book was the comedy. Compared to Public displays of affection, which was my last book by her, this one was more to-the-point. The heroine was strong and funny. Her transformation was very sudden (at least in the weight loss department) but the ending was satisfying. 

After finishing this book, I was craving every junk food there is especially Milk Duds and Lorna Doone cookies. 

Overall, this makes a good beach or plane read.