Book Review: Public Displays of Affection

Public Displays of Affection - Susan Donovan

This book was my first book my Susan Donovan. I read about it online and decided that it sounded interesting enough to read. I felt that there was a lot of delaying/ pushing back of the climax. The last few bits were a bit rushed but overall, PDAs was a very good book. I've picked up the whole series since.
The heroine is very relatable. She is a small town 'good girl' who struggles with expressing her sexual desire in public mainly due to her marriage. However, the hero is all she needs to let that 'good girl' image go and surrender to her desires. I liked the annoying LoriSue and was wondering if she has a book of her own. Ned and Bonnie were also great characters.

The heroine was realistic and believable. The author explored an issue that usually doesn't get talked about often. I liked that she had her hangups and insecurities. 
Overall, a very good romantic comedy. Susan Donovan writes great romances with lots of humor. Will definitely be reading more books by her.