Books Review: I'll be There by Samantha Chase

I'll Be There - Samantha Chase

So, I decided to start a series from the last book. Usually, it doesn't make that much of a difference in romance because all books in the series are stand-alone. Anyway, I'll be there sounded like an interesting story and I've never read anything by this author so I have it a shot. 

I'll be there is the love story of Zach and his assistant Gabriella. The story set in Portland in a business family sounds like the kind of thing country music lovers will like. The story is traditional American with a big family, interfering relatives and romance. I enjoyed the plot development even though I knew what was going to happen right from the first page. I wished the author used less of foreshadowing because the first chapter kind of gave it all away and diminished the friction in the hero and heroine's push and pull. 

I'll be there is well-written. If you're looking for something steamy and hot, this is not the book to read. I'll be there is predominantly focuses on love rather than sex. There are a few heated moments but compared to most mainstream romances, the author keeps it relatively tame. Sometimes, the heroine frustrated me with her masochistic tendencies but it was a good read overall.

If you want a feel-good romance novel to remind you of the old days, I'll be there is a good read.