Story behind the Stories- Dream Diary


I am back with the final installment of Story behind the stories. This has been a great journey. I feel bittersweet.

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Dream Diary

Dream diary is another one of my old treasures. I wrote this story a long time ago. Back then, I had no clue what to do with it. I shelved it. I picked it up again when I was looking for inspiration for my short story series. Dream diary was intended to be a novel, but I think it makes a better short story. 

Dream diary is one of my earlier attempts at science fiction. I used to have frequent nightmares when I wrote this story. I maintained a dream diary to record my dreams. I used to write them down every morning. I would then conduct research on them and try to understand what they symbolized. The nightmares stopped after a while. But, this story remained. 

I modified and re-wrote parts of it. I made it into a short story with its own twist ending. Upon reading the story again, I found that the minor themes of the story revolve around the main character’s yearning to belong. ‘Home’ is perhaps a good word to describe the minor theme of this story. The story is mostly fantasy and science fiction. Much like the other science fiction stories, this too connects technology with society. 

The story also makes a side note about changes in communications technology. We can now make millions of friends online through social media websites. This has eliminated the need for physical proximity. Right now, we’re somewhere in between both these paradigms. 

I’ll stop for today. I hope this post helped you understand why I wrote this short story. Dream Dairy is Chapter 3 of Into the Light. You can watch the trailer below. 

I want to thank you for reading this series. You can find the other installments on my blog. This is the last post in this series. It has been a pleasure to share my experiences with you all. 

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