Story behind the Stories- Bridge of Memories

I am back with my seventh anecdote. Only two more to go. 
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Bridge of Memories

Bridge of memories is a story about second chances and time. It is a love story that unfolds in one scene. A bridge is the central location of the story and an important part of the theme. Bridge of memories is the shortest story in this book. I wrote it within an hour. It encapsulates a situation that I have always wanted to write about. 

Recently, I have been watching a lot of Korean dramas. They’re the craze now and I’ve always been a fan of East Asian cinema. A lot of dramas have the Han river in Seoul as the setting. The bridge on Han river often features as a central theme in the dramas. I figured it makes sense to write about bridges.

There are many famous bridges in the western world too like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Tower Bridge in London. Though they are hotspots for tourists, they don't occupy a central spot in romantic literature. They carry more glamour and less meaning. That is why I decided to include a bridge as the central theme of the story. 

The topic of love, of course, is eternally in demand. It is also a great topic to write about. Bridge of memories, like the other human interest stories in this book seeks to examine society and humanity under a lens. This story narrows the range down to a single event.

The story also has a minor theme of work-life balance. Work-life balance is a hotly debated and popular topic. I think that over time, we, as a society have moved towards better work life balance. The story is set in the 80s or 90s when work-life balance wasn’t considered as important. 

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