Book review- On Writing

On Writing - Stephen King

I have wanted to read this book for a long time. I've read countless review of this book. Almost every writer seems to rave about this one.

Finally, I got down to reading it this week. I bought a copy from Amazon and tore it open as soon as it arrived. The cover had a nice matte finish to it. The words were just the right size.

The first half of the book is a memoir. I must confess that I skipped this bit. I read half of it then got bored. I might read it again when I want to read that kind of thing.

The second part is the meat of the book. This is full of useful writing. Stephen King excels at this. His language is no-nonsense, easy to understand and to the point. The tips are so simple yet so profound. He breaks your fears and fantasies down and transposes them to reality. The tips were very useful and more importantly, very actionable. He even says how many words you should write every day and what his writing schedule looks like. The part on how many re-writes and drafts you should do was very useful. He breaks down the editing and publishing process.

The book was very easy to read yet filled with useful advice. I would recommend to those who want to take up writing as a profession.