Story behind the Stories- Speechless Love


I am back part 4 of the Story behind the Stories series. Today, I will be talking about 'Speechless Love', a new short story from Into the Light. 


Speechless Love


This story one my favourites. It’s also very close to my heart. That is the reason I decided to include it in this collection as the last story. I wrote it when I was thirteen. Originally, it was part of a longer novella. However, I felt that story stood out. Many of my friends and relatives who read the book said that this chapter was the most memorable one. Eventually, I dismantled the novella into short stories. This is one of them. 


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve re-written and edited this story. Better language usually comes at the cost of emotion. My state of mind now is very different from what it was when I wrote the story. I have tried to preserve the original emotions behind the tale. I think I was reading a lot of Mitch Albom when I wrote this because it is thematically similar to his works. 


Speechless love is an emotional work based around the quintessential theme of love. It also tackles issues that surround us. I will not go into details. When you read this work, you will understand what I mean. Speechless love contains subtle themes of ageing but not in the way that She comes with the rain does. Above all, it deals with the unconditional and giving nature of love. 


I hope you enjoy reading this story. This is a new addition to the collection. Speechless Love was not serialised on my blog. This is my surprise gift to you. 


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