Things a mother discovers- Book Review

Things a Mother Discovers: (and no one talks about) - Filipa Fonseca Silva, Sofia Silva, Mark Ayton

Things a mother discovers is a hilarious anecdote of the author's experiences as a mother. The book contains some valuable information about the types of pregnant women, types of mothers, tips for eating out with children, top ten pros and cons of being pregnant and the changes that a woman goes through (physically and emotionally) when she becomes a mother. I loved the author's style of writing. I had many laugh out loud moments.


I am not a mother but many of the people around me are. I've also had to do my fair share of babysitting my relatives' kids. The book was very relatable and helped me understand the frustrations of mothers better. I primarily downloaded the book because it was supposed to be funny. The book delivers what it promises in the blurb. The writing style is fluid and sparkles with enthusiasm and humour. The author's sarcastic tone and unique take on the subject also make for an enjoyable read. I'm sure I'll be referring to this book the next time my friend's children annoy me.


The book also contains the first chapter of the author's upcoming chick lit novel. Overall, the book delivered what it promised. It is a realistic and funny take on motherhood.


A must read for all to-be parents, curious ones and those that would love a well written, funny take on motherhood.


(Note: I downloaded a free copy of the book from Story Cartel. This has not affected my review in any way.)