On top of a hill there's a Billy- Book Review

On Top of a Hill There's a Billy - J. Seth Davey

(Disclaimer: I got a copy of this book from Story Cartel. This has not influenced my review in any way.)


I first came across this book on Jessica's blog on Booklikes. Being an amateur illustrator myself, I was immediately hooked to the bright and colourful illustrations. I watched the narration of the book on youtube and loved it. I later got an opportunity to read the book on Story Cartel.


On top of a hill there's a Billy is a simple, sweet and endearing tale of Billy. Seth manages to give Billy a distinct character in just 34 pages. His single tooth, his wackiness, clumsiness and his orange beard stuck to my memory. Though I can't classify Billy (a gnome? caveman? yeti?) he manages to be a strong central character.


A sense of freedom and inquiry underlie the book. The illustrations were bold, vivid and appropriate for the target audience. I give them a 5/5. Considering the age group, the book was well written. The production (of video and the book) is professional. I liked the whole package.


Overall, this book is a very good addition to the children's bookshelf. I enjoyed it immensely as an adult and I'm sure children will love the bright, colourful illustrations and simple storyline too. Looking forward to more books from Seth.