Story Behind the Stories- Veronica

I am doing a new series detailing the themes, sources of inspiration and reasons behind each story in my new book 'Into the Light'. The first one in the series is Veronica.

Veronica is one of the most intriguing stories in ‘Into the Light’. It was also the first story I serialised on my blog. Veronica represents one of my early attempts at science fiction. The name Veronica is inspired by the Archie’s character (kinda obvious). I always thought that name had a mysterious vibe to it. This word accurately describes the story. 

I originally wrote Veronica as a short script. However, it contained too much dialogue so, I wrote a short story about it. Veronica, the central character of this story represents one of my favourite themes- individuality. This theme was prominent in my debut picture book, My Life in 3 Colours. Veronica’s existence draws attention to this theme. 

Veronica deals with memories and technology. Compared to the other stories in the book, Veronica has more philosophical depth (or that’s what I feel). Veronica was written from a philosophical point of view. I remember reading quite a few books about psychology around that time. 
Veronica was also one of those stories that made me fall in love with writing and reading science fiction. Initially, I thought that science fiction was filled with depressing worlds, last survivors, dystopias and technology that wreaked havoc. However, writing this story helped me appreciate the importance of technology in our lives. 

I hope you give Veronica a chance to change your mind too. The trailer for Veronica is available on my youtube channel. The story is Chapter 1 of my short story collection ‘Into the Light’ releasing 28th October, 2015. 

Thank you for reading through this post. I will see you again with another anecdote soon. Follow ‘The Story behind stories’ series on my blog or through my social media. If you want to support me, click on the link below to purchase ‘Into the Light’, my debut short story collection that contains ‘Veronica and eight other stories. 

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