Book Review- Book Launch Blueprint

Book Launch Blueprint: The Step-by-Step Guide to a Bestselling Launch - Tim Grahl

Book Launch Blueprint is a step-by-step guide on launching a book. First of all, I liked the book cover. Compared to the author's previous book, this one has tips that are easier to put to action. I liked the fact that this book explained exactly how to go about launching a successful book. The tips provided in the book are action-oriented and thus, helpful to new authors who may have little knowledge of how marketing works. As with the previous book, the author's focus is on mailing lists.


However, this one offers case studies and strategies that authors can implement. It also answers essential questions like how long before the book release should the author promote the book, how many e-mails is too much etc. The author also offers valuable tips on how to engage your audience.


Overall, a good read for any author who is about to launch a book. The book answered many questions I had about book launches. I finished the book in one go and would recommend it to self-published authors.