Book Review- Fool me Twice

Fool Me Twice - Meredith Duran

Fool me Twice is a historical novel with a nice premise. I decided to read this book after coming across multiple positive reviews of it. I liked the way the book starts. The tension between the characters kept me reading. The initial premise was well brought out in the first few pages.

However, my interest in the story dipped after the mid-point. The rest of the story didn't have the magic that the first half did. Things did pick up in the end and it ended on a good note.


My only complaint was that I didn't find the actions of the characters very appropriate for the era they live in. The dialogue was very modern. The attitudes of the characters would find a better place in the twenty first century than the seventeenth or nineteenth. But, it's a historical romance so who cares?


Overall, I found the story very satisfying. The cover design was also very beautiful. I would like to read more books by this author.