Book review- Salvation of a Saint

Salvation of a Saint - Keigo Higashino, Alexander O. Smith

Salvation of a saint is the second novel in Keigo Higashino's Galileo series that was translated into English. This one has a more intriguing premise compared to the first one. Higashino's description of daily Japanese life and fast pacing helps keep the story moving. The mystery goes back and forth a but until Manabu Yukawa, a Physics professor who is the lead detective solves the case. 


Salvation of a Saint had a good premise but was less satisfying than Devotion of Suspect X. The prose however, is good. Higashino manages to capture the daily life of the main character well. For those who don't know much about Japanese culture, this book may prove to be more educational. It is very easy to get through the book because he doesn't bore you with descriptions of tablecloths and flower arrangements. The characters were also believable. 


Overall, a good, fast paced mystery.