Story behind the Stories: She Comes with the Rain

I am back with the third instalment of the 'Story behind the stories' series. This week, I'm talking about 'She comes with the rain' which is the fifth chapter of Into the Light. 

Story Behind the Stories: She Comes with the Rain
I came up with this story while living with my grandmother (no surprises!). My grandmother loves to worry. One day, she said that she was considering moving into an old age home. 
We ended up looking at a list of old age homes together. Google is new to her so, she was in awe of that fact that we could see reviews and photos at the click of a button. I really liked some of the old age homes. They had all kinds of facilities like pre-planned meals, exercise classes, doctor visits, social events etc. But, I wondered if she would be happy living alone. 
The Cantonese movie, A Simple Life also inspired this short story. The movie is about the relationship between an old maid and her young master. She moves into an old age home after serving the family for many decades. Andy Lau, the young master pays her frequent visits. They have a mother-son relationship minus the blood ties. The story is, as the title suggests, simple. Yet, it brings to light many problems underlying caring for aged people and social dynamics in contemporary society. 
I often worry about my future. I am already looking for places to live when I get older. As you grow older, you become more inflexible. It is difficult to live with someone new and adjust to their routine. Ageing is a topic that is of major concern to economies but it is rarely discussed in literature. It is perhaps one of the less ‘glamorous’ topics to write about. 
I decided to write this story because it offers a different perspective on life. Of course, I threw in a dash of fantasy to lighten it up. The story was written in a very peaceful state of mind. The book trailer that I made for this short story also reflects that inner peace and understanding.
I hope you give this story a chance. An unedited version of 'She comes with the rain' is available on my blog. Please comment and let me know what you thought. 
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